Acrew Staffing Solutions

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About Us

Acrew Staffing Solutions is a Northern Rivers based and focused staffing agency that provides event, promotional and sales staff for a variety of services including product launches, weddings, private events and sales campaigns. We specialise in the recruitment, training and management of staff in order to provide smart, energetic and well-presented people to make your brand engagements or take your event to the next level.

At Acrew Staffing Solutions we pride ourselves on providing only the most highly qualified and experienced staff to maximise results.

Why use a staffing agency? The benefits of using a staffing agency go beyond simply raising the quality of staff at your event or promotion. We remove the time and costs associated with recruiting quality employees, as well as managing other responsibilities like payroll, taxes, insurances and benefits, not to mention the associated HR costs. Not only can we take away the stress of recruitment, we can save your company thousands of dollars every year.


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